Saturday, September 23, 2017
image Troop 333 - A Flexible Homeschool Troop!

Serving Charlotte Metro North, including North Mecklenburg, South Iredell, and West Cabarrus county, we strive to meet the scouting needs of families who prefer a homeschool troop but can't predict their future school choices.



December Court of Honor/Merit Badge camp

BY: Administrator

Upcoming merit camp and lock-in will lead into our Annual Christmas Party. 

Held at a local school, our scouts will be camping in a warehouse setting up a standard campsite, with cooking gazebo, tents, and all the trimmings. An outdoor campfire is planned as well.

Working overnight Friday and through Saturday, scouts will have a choice of several merit badges they can complete, or opt to finish outstanding badges in this congenial environment. We welcome our newest Merit Badge Counselor Ms. Kaye, who has over 20 different badges she teaches.

On Saturday night, friends and family will join the troop to welcome the holidays with a festive feast, decorations and fun. If you are looking for a troop that is inclusive and works hard to ensure every scouts' success, come see how good scouting can be with Troop 333!



South Mountain Hiking Success

BY: Administrator

Nearly the entire troop joined in and successfully hiked portions of South Mountain State Park this fall. 

Older scouts hiked about ten miles with full packs to set up base camp after completing a dramatic elevation change. Beginning at the waterfall loop they moved on to the knob, from which one can view for miles. In good spirits they had base camp well underway when our younger group arrived.

Leading the newer scouts, our Scoutmaster helped them traverse the stairs of the waterfall, up and over the pass then back down the other side of a 2.5 mile loop while wearing day packs. Frequent rest stops aided their journey, as did some first aid practice using staves and a blanket for a makeshift stretcher. Each scout took turns being carried around so they get used to the concept in case of emergency.

By the time we made base camp cooking dinner was underway, as well as a group siphoning and purifying frigid creek water. Trout were visible in the creek running next to our camp area. In this wilderness environment the scouts ate ramen noodles with vegetables, and other snacks.

The campfire was awesome and the evening was spent sharing stories. All in all a very successful trip, completing the camping merit badge for some older scouts, and finishing hiking requirements for the younger ones. Thanks to all the scoutmasters who trekked along to make sure we were all safe and sound.



2014 Saw New Adventures

BY: Scoutmaster

The troop grew again in 2014 and more members qualified for the National Honor Society of scouting - the Order of the Arrow.

2014 was a busy year and we made plans for more adventures in the future.

While they completed their Ordeal in the spring of 2014, we made plans for summer camp. Many of the scouts took Eagle badges this year in preparation for their pursuit of the highest scouting rank. Three of our scouts completed their Life Scout rank and started on their Eagle project planning.

In September, the entire troop went to RockyFace mountain, camping nearby. The scouts and adult scoutmasters ALL participated in an incredible rappelling adventure. We started at a three-story building height for practice then most everyone descended the mountain from sixty feet or more up using a sheer face to "walk down" as we all rappelled safely to the ground. 

With two Courts of Honor in September and then December we saw many scouts progress to Star scout rank, and our newer scouts started the climb towards the top. Our pot luck dinners are always a success and the families enjoyed the evenings.

In 2015, we have already planned several trips, training opportunities, and participation in regional Order of the Arrow events. We hope you will join us and come see how good scouting can be!



2015 Winter Training Completed!

BY: Administrator

Congratulations to our Newest Scouts

on completing their winter training in January.

We will be applying the information learned at our first campout of the year as we venture onto the trail for a five mile half-pack hike. Along the way we work on first aid practical skills to test our knowledge of using them in an outdoor setting. 

Our troop is growing at this time, and if you would like to be a part of our family, please contact us through the form on this website. We will invite you to one of our regular meetings where your young man can meet the scouts!



Welcome New Recruits & Families!

BY: Scoutmaster

All families and their young men ages 11-17, homeschooled, online, private and traditional, are invited to JOIN TROOP 333 this month!

We are holding open houses at each of our meetings in August 2013. Our next meetings are August 6th and the 20th.

Join us on the first or third Tuesday of the month at 6:30 pm to visit and learn more about how great scouting can be! We are located at the Bridge Church at 11800 Eastfield Road, just East of Browne road and west of Highland Creek.

Our meetings last until 8:30pm but you are invited to stay as long as you like. Parents and scoutmasters will be available to answer your questions and have forms available should you wish to join.

Troop 333 allows those who change their school choices during the year or during their education to remain with the troop. This can be important to the young man's development, as none of us wants to see a scout removed from a troop because their parents had to make other educational plans. Be sure to ask before you join a troop what will happen if your scout stops homeschooling. While most scouts in our troop are homeschooled, some have had to start college prep or attend other classes which would deem them unable to stay with a purely homeschool troop.

We have many exciting camping opportunities already planned through the end of this year and look forward to new scouts joining. Since we intend to cap our enrollment at around 24, now is the time to check us out. We are already at about 60% enrollment and have inquiries now. So, if you were thinking about a scout troop, please come see how good scouting can be with Troop 333!


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