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Serving Charlotte Metro North, including North Mecklenburg, South Iredell, and West Cabarrus county, we strive to meet the scouting needs of families from many backgrounds.



Exciting Summer Camp at Raven Knob

BY: Scoutmaster

Summer 2013 saw our troop grow substantially & enjoy a great week of camping Our veteran scouts and a half dozen new scout rank scouts participated in an exciting summer camp experience at Camp Raven Knob in the Blue Ridge mountains near Mount Airy, North Carolina at the end of July.

The new scouts were enrolled in Raven Scouts which helped them complete not only most of their Tenderfoot requirements, but also this year they finished 11 of the Second Class scout requirements. They can expect to advance early this fall as they are nearly complete with their next rank. Every morning was filled with adventure and new scouts skills, and each took a turn hiking "the Knob", an exhilarating climb to the mountaintop, which stands about 1,800 feet above sea level. You can literally see Virgina, for many miles from the escarpments.

Meanwhile, one of our Eagle bound scouts, TC, assisted as a torch bearer during the Wednesday evening Order of the Arrow honor society ceremony. Two other veteran scouts, ER and CR, who were enjoying their week-long Mountain Man experience (living like they did in the 1840s) joined the Order to help with administrative duties that night.



New Patrol Wins Honors At Camporee

BY: Scoutmaster

A group of our new scouts and a couple of our veteran leaders took home a prize at the Gemstone District Camporee in late April!

For the first time, our troop won first place in a station award.

The new scouts worked well together with their leadership and managed to snag a plaque without catching themselves in the "web". A series of interlocking bungee cords on a frame seems simple enough, but the scouts had to determine who would go through which holes first, and most could only be pulled aside with single cords to make the passageway possible. They achieved perfect results, partly by lifting and carrying younger scouts through upper regions, and planning their moves like a chessboard.

Because they completed the task in the least amount of time and had no deductions for a scout touching the cords, or making a mistake, the Patrol from Troop 333 was given its first plaque!

Congratulations to everyone who participated and our new dads who helped at base camp all weekend.

While the young men did not expect to get a prize, it sure was nice to learn they did so well their first time working together as a team!



On My Honor...

BY: Scoutmaster

Is There Any Honor In This World?

There is a reason the Boy Scout Oath begins with the words, “On my honor…”

There is a hierarchy to the code from which everything flows. The law of the scouts and how every scout is supposed to act, and what all the children and adults are supposed to adhere to is the key to the entire program. If a scout or adult has no intention of being honorable and following the oath then the rest of the program is pointless. It may even be detrimental to have adults as leaders who feel like they can write their own oath, interpret it as they please, or their own law. That is how nations have disobeyed God and vanished.

“On my honor I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law;”

As a scout or adult leader you have a choice to make. You can either be honorable and strive to follow the remainder of the oath, or you can ignore the opening and continue along believing you have done your best. Notice there are no pauses in the oath until you get to the end of the first stanza. That should make it doubly clear.

A scout incorporates ALL of the honor and duty required in their whole life, not just at meetings, not only on camp-outs. Not even in the uniform on the way to an event. They must be honorable always. They are asked to do their best because any less would not be honorable. To put forth an effort in what is asked and not just muddle through. Whether cooking for their friends, practicing safety measures or earning a merit badge their efforts must be full and complete. They must focus on excellence, not merely avoiding disobeying God or the Scout Law.



Welcome To Our Family

BY: Troop Committee

 “Unsure About Your School Choice In The Future? Many Today Are...” Troop 333 was formed so that your family can make the choices it needs.

Troop 333 serves North Mecklenburg, South Iredell and West Cabarrus Counties including the cities of Huntersville, Cornelius, Davidson, Mooresville, Kannapolis, and Charlotte metro.

We believe the friendships achieved as young men grow are very important.

Adult supervision of the boys and clear delineation of appropriate behavior, language, and topics will be the responsibility of leadership. We believe that children are to be guided and led so that the experience for everyone is a positive one. If you agree, then we may be the troop for you!

When: Tuesday nights - 6:30-8:30pm first, third and fifth Tuesdays of the month.

Where: Contact us through the email form for the location for troop meetings. We will be having our meetings at a central location for scout families within the Huntersville area. With families from Charlotte to Cornelius, and Huntersville to Rockwell (Cabarrus County).



There's Nothing To Do Ma!

BY: Your Scoutmaster

frontpage “Okay, So What Do Scouts Do Anyway?”Will There Be Anything Fun?

Hold on to your hat, or better yet, your patrol flag. The scouts are in charge! You heard it right. The SCOUTS plan their meetings, their camping trips, their special events, fundraisers, family campouts, merit badge choices and a whole lot more! Most people new to scouting don't realize, but you aren't supposed to see the Scoutmaster leading a meeting. There are adult leaders there for safety and to help guide the scouts to success, but the way the scouts learn to lead is by actually doing it.

If you ever wanted to learn wilderness skills, cook outdoors, go on a canoe trip, track animals, shoot rifles, challenge yourself on rope climbing courses, hike up a mountain, jump off an iceberg (more about this...) or gain a wide range of knowledge in over 100 merit badge courses, then scouting may be for you.


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