Saturday, August 19, 2017

Scout earns Eagle status with cemetery project

Fr. Dennis Caylor, of St. Raphael/St. Joseph parish, offered his thanks. So did Tami Dallenbach, public historian at the Turner Foundation, and Anne Benston, a long-time genealogist overjoyed that a 17-year-old would take such an interested in the past. But the greatest thanks Christopher Vandiford receives for recording and cleaning up graves at St. Raphael Cemetery on Lagonda Avenue may be silent offerings from the Scotts, Irish and German immigrants and veterans buried there from 1864 until 1950. His Eagle Scout Court of Honor, during which he received the Boy Scouts of America’s highest honor following the completion of his cemetery project, was Sunday at the Springfield Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 4400 Derr Road. “I anticipated a couple of hundred” grave markers, “but I found more than 800,” said the Springfield High School senior and member of local Boy Scout Troop 7.

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