Saturday, August 19, 2017

Scouts Volunteer to Help Preserve History

One of the most important functions I perform in my history work is to act as a caretaker for many of the sites I have found. This role can take many different forms, from cleaning a neglected cemetery to raising awareness of a site as I have done here at Patch. I have worked with many people to clear cemeteries of brush and even do cleanings of headstones. Volunteers have been adults and children as well as Boy and Girl Scouts of America. The Titus Farm, Deans Cemetery and Higgins Cemetery have all benefited from volunteers offering some love and care to them. It was an article written in 1991, which mentioned an Eagle Scout project done at the Deans Cemetery in 1990 that made me aware of the work being done by the scouts. Over 10 years later the cemetery had a second Eagle Scout project which completely took me by surprise. One day the cemetery was full of brush and thorns, the next visit it was completely cleaned. Imagine my shock to find this cemetery cleaned out. I eventually found a signature on signage at the cemetery alerting me to Troop 90’s work.

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