Saturday, September 23, 2017

Welcome New Recruits & Families!

All families and their young men ages 11-17, homeschooled, online, private and traditional, are invited to JOIN TROOP 333 this month!

We are holding open houses at each of our meetings in August 2013. Our next meetings are August 6th and the 20th.

Join us on the first or third Tuesday of the month at 6:30 pm to visit and learn more about how great scouting can be! We are located at the Bridge Church at 11800 Eastfield Road, just East of Browne road and west of Highland Creek.

Our meetings last until 8:30pm but you are invited to stay as long as you like. Parents and scoutmasters will be available to answer your questions and have forms available should you wish to join.

Troop 333 allows those who change their school choices during the year or during their education to remain with the troop. This can be important to the young man's development, as none of us wants to see a scout removed from a troop because their parents had to make other educational plans. Be sure to ask before you join a troop what will happen if your scout stops homeschooling. While most scouts in our troop are homeschooled, some have had to start college prep or attend other classes which would deem them unable to stay with a purely homeschool troop.

We have many exciting camping opportunities already planned through the end of this year and look forward to new scouts joining. Since we intend to cap our enrollment at around 24, now is the time to check us out. We are already at about 60% enrollment and have inquiries now. So, if you were thinking about a scout troop, please come see how good scouting can be with Troop 333!