Wednesday, December 19, 2018

South Mountain Hiking Success

Nearly the entire troop joined in and successfully hiked portions of South Mountain State Park in the fall of 2015. 

Older scouts hiked about ten miles with full packs to set up base camp after completing a dramatic elevation change. Beginning at the waterfall loop they moved on to the knob, from which one can view for miles. In good spirits they had base camp well underway when our younger group arrived.

Leading the newer scouts, our Scoutmaster helped them traverse the stairs of the waterfall, up and over the pass then back down the other side of a 2.5 mile loop while wearing day packs. Frequent rest stops aided their journey, as did some first aid practice using staves and a blanket for a makeshift stretcher. Each scout took turns being carried around so they get used to the concept in case of emergency.

By the time we made base camp cooking dinner was underway, as well as a group siphoning and purifying frigid creek water. Trout were visible in the creek running next to our camp area. In this wilderness environment the scouts ate ramen noodles with vegetables, and other snacks.

The campfire was awesome and the evening was spent sharing stories. All in all a very successful trip, completing the camping merit badge for some older scouts, and finishing hiking requirements for the younger ones. Thanks to all the scoutmasters who trekked along to make sure we were all safe and sound.