Saturday, September 23, 2017

December Court of Honor/Merit Badge camp

Upcoming merit camp and lock-in will lead into our Annual Christmas Party. 

Held at a local school, our scouts will be camping in a warehouse setting up a standard campsite, with cooking gazebo, tents, and all the trimmings. An outdoor campfire is planned as well.

Working overnight Friday and through Saturday, scouts will have a choice of several merit badges they can complete, or opt to finish outstanding badges in this congenial environment. We welcome our newest Merit Badge Counselor Ms. Kaye, who has over 20 different badges she teaches.

On Saturday night, friends and family will join the troop to welcome the holidays with a festive feast, decorations and fun. If you are looking for a troop that is inclusive and works hard to ensure every scouts' success, come see how good scouting can be with Troop 333!