Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Rappeling Rocky Face

Have you ever wanted to dangle from a rope suspended 70 feet over the side of a cliff? That's exactly what most the scouts of our troop did in the fall of 2014 at Rocky Face Park.

Working with a professional mountain guide crew, the scouts of Troop 333 braved the high, sheer faces of the former quarry to learn how to rappel down the side of a mountain. All scouts were encouraged to participate but the option was available to walk back down the cliff using the entrance path. 

Camping in a nearby family campsite, the troop arrived and created their base for the night. Rising early the next morning they made a hot breakfast and got to work organizing for the day trip to the rappel site.

After a safety and care lecture from the pros, both adults and scouts were equipped for the rappelling ahead. We were instructed how to walk, interact and complete the task in a safe manner. We began with a lower level practice run of about 35 feet over a sheer face. The ground was not that far away and we had a good time cheering each scout on as they made the trip down. Some walked, some jumped a lot, and a few of us clung at times, as it is pretty daunting your first time out.

The second rappel location was a lot higher and required a few minutes to descend. There were crags which obstructed your view. Fortunately, we have some video of various scouts making the descent, with a couple doing it in record time in a very adept manner. 

In coming years we hope to repeat the mountain climbing expedition and expand upon the choices offered.

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