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There's Nothing To Do Ma!

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Hold on to your hat, or better yet, your patrol flag. The scouts are in charge! You heard it right. The SCOUTS plan their meetings, their camping trips, their special events, fundraisers, family campouts, merit badge choices and a whole lot more! Most people new to scouting don't realize, but you aren't supposed to see the Scoutmaster leading a meeting. There are adult leaders there for safety and to help guide the scouts to success, but the way the scouts learn to lead is by actually doing it.

If you ever wanted to learn wilderness skills, cook outdoors, go on a canoe trip, track animals, shoot rifles, challenge yourself on rope climbing courses, hike up a mountain, jump off an iceberg (more about this...) or gain a wide range of knowledge in over 100 merit badge courses, then scouting may be for you.

For newcomers, The Boy Scouts of America® celebrated their one hundredth year this past year in 2010. Having achieved that great milestone was just the beginning of adventure. While everyone knows the public face of Boy Scouts, only scouters know the fun and excitement working together with your friends to achieve goals can be. Younger scouts will really enjoy the local camps complete with full facilities. You won't have to worry about diving in at the deep end. The first couple of years a scout learns all the basic skills he needs to get out into the woods, and they learn by practicing in controlled settings.

The adults are around to guide and support your goals, but basically we want to see you form your own groups and build on each others' knowledge. You'll get awards that allow you to carry knives, and control fires. And you will be able to take care of your basic needs in the outdoors, something a lot of younger people today just can't do.

But scouting is more than camping. Scouts prepare for life, rich with confidence that comes from trying new things. Whether you dabble in astronomy, take a badge in automotive maintenance, or want to try something artistic, scouting has a lot to offer you. In a single year, one of our scouts learned to take care of horses and trail ride at summer camp, while also taking badges in fishing, swimming and other great activities. We went on a nighttime owl hike with a naturalist who explained all about the various kinds of birds we would hear and what their calls meant. We learned about Indian lore and had a chance to do wood carving.

There was plenty of time to relax too. Troop 333 is dedicated to promoting the family in scouting. So several times a year our whole families will join the scouts on camping trips, where the scouts will bed and work together, showing off their skills to their parents and siblings. Scouts advance in rank as they acquire more training, and in turn teach other newer scouts.

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